Keep your notes and kids' artwork in full view on your refrigerator with our colorful, unique, and decorative GrubDudz Refrigerator Magnets! This Cheeseburger Magnet can help you attend to items on your to-do list that you post beneath the magnet. The appealing structure of the cheeseburger with cheese slices appearing to melt and drip down the sides of the burger makes the magnet easy to recognize and fun to use. Strong magnet action will hold photos, notes, or artwork papers up without difficulty. Each magnet is individually molded out of various colors of polymer clay and then baked in the oven in order to cure or harden the burger.

Burger measures 1.5 inches in Length x 0.6 inches in Width or Depth x 1.25 inches high. Measurements may vary slightly from piece to piece as they are individually assembled.

Add a GrubDudz French Fry Magnet to your order to complete the set!

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