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Cinnamon Roll Earring Options *

Do you crave cinnamon rolls? Does the mention of this tasty treat bring that wonderful cinnamon and sweet dough baking aroma to your mind? Do you work in the food industry? If you have ever looked for a particular food-themed product on line or in a store, you know that you the results can be variable. Some products barely look like the real item. 

Our handmade food accessories are made to look just like the real food. The cinnamon roll earrings, design inspired by Jessica and Susan Partain, look so tasty – like the rolls are just out of the oven. They can be ordered with or without raisins or icing. These tasty looking earrings are unique - no-one will appear at work, home, or an event with an identical pair. You can probably imagine the smell of cinnamon and taste of the sweet dough. Picture butter melting on some hand-sculpted rolls of this sweet dough and cinnamon!

These earrings are not recommended for young children (under age 6 years) due to the risk of choking on these items if they should put them in their mouths or chew on them.

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