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Are you tired of wearing the earrings you have had for years? You stand by your dresser or jewelry box and look at each item. Nothing strikes you as the pair of earrings you want to wear today. You don't want to spend a lot of money and seek an unusual pair of earrings that reflect your interests. Are doughnuts one of your favorite foods? Do you prefer iced, plain, or sugared doughnuts? Do you work in the food industry?

GrubDudz Doughnut Earrings will be just the thing to add a sweet touch to your wardrobe! Our earrings are handmade with care. You can imagine the taste of these sweet baked goods by just looking at the earrings. We strive to achieve the realistic appearance of the food item portrayed. Obviously, these polymer clay earrings should not be eaten or chewed on. Not recommended for young children (under age 6 years) due to the accurate image of the food item.

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