Flatbread Sub Sandwich Earrings

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GrubDudz Flatbread Sandwich Earrings are an amusing and realistic clothing accessory. The flatbread sandwich earrings make the perfect gift for the foodie in your life or for individuals working in the food service industry. Colorful, mouthwatering cuts of meat, cheeses, and veggies fill the polymer clay sandwiches. You can see the cheese melting over the sides of the meats and imagine the great taste of a real sub with a similar appearance. Another great feature of these sandwiches is that they are calorie-free!

You may make other people hungry for this grub while wearing these wonderful earrings. Each earring is individually sculpted from a variety of colors of polymer clay. Special features such as sesame toasting marks or bread creases are added to some of the sandwiches. Loop sets (see photos) are added prior to baking the clay so that they stay in place - making them stable for frequent wear. The loop sets may swivel, though they are secured within the sandwich. Earring hooks are not visible in some of the available images.

Item can be sculpted, baked, and mailed to you within one week of your order.

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