GrubDudz Comfort Food Bear Kit

GrubDudz Comfort-Food Teddy Bears are a wild gift for a food-lover! Does someone in your life have an unusual teddy bear or stuffed animal collection? This bear would certainly be one of a kind. Imagine making a Snack-Bear, Junkfood Bear, Fruit/Veggie Bear with your child! What a great gift for a grandchild, niece, or nephew…especially if the two of you work on making the bear together! We can also make a kit for a “Gluten-Free-Food Print Bear”!

What an ideal present for your young adult leaving for college – a bear with their favorite food items pictured on its surface.

  1. Pre-cut pieces used to assemble the bear.
  2. Canvas lining pieces to make the bear stronger and able to endure more cuddling or display time.
  3. Buttons for the eyes.
  4. Thick cord for application of the head, arms, and legs.
  5. Thread for sewing the bear.
  6. Fiberfill Stuffing
  7. Needle and cord for bear limb and head attachment
  8. Assembly instructions.


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