Table Runners

table-runner-other-side.jpgtable-runner.jpgGrubDudz Table Runners provide a colorful, appetite-inducing accent for your dining surface. Picture your first dinner party after receiving your table runner. You and your guests gather to talk as food prep is finishing. Visually Savor the food images that appear on the table runner.

Ask your guests about their favorite food or favorite print on the runner…does the item stir up a pleasant memory from their past? Is it the taste of the food item creating the craving for that person? Is there a food item that seems less appealing to them?...Why is this the case? The responses may be quite amusing and stir conversation!

You may learn interesting bits about someone’s history. One example is that in my family, we ate fish quite a bit. When I look at fish prints in the GrubDudz materials it reminds me of numerous references to “Corn on the Cod” whenever we had corn on the cob and fish at the same time! A friend informed me, after looking at a GrubDudz apron and a vegetable print table runner it reminded her of her childhood apron. She wore her apron at every meal and would hide her vegetables in the apron pockets...only to dispose of them when she went out to play – still insisting on wearing the apron!

GrubDudz Table Runners measure 33 in. L x 14 W. *Different sizes are available per Special Order for an additional fee depending on the size requested.