GrubDudz Aprons

GrubDudz Aprons provide you with a stylish look while you cook! You can opt for a “Stock Apron” and receive one with random food-print fabrics sewn together. Otherwise, you can choose your favorite fruits, vegetables, or general food items! This creates a specially designed apron for you with the edibles you enjoy. Think of how fun it will be to host a party and wear your new GrubDudz Apron.

The life-like images of many of the fabric prints reveal the foods items that you like the most. Vivid images such as these may make you hungry before you even start cooking! If there is a food print that you really want…we likely have it or can get the fabric within a short amount of time.

GrubDudz Aprons are made with a unique feature…a small pocket, large enough to secure most cell phones, is attached to the back edge of the apron’s side. This pocket is just below the apron tie. You will be able to store your phone and/or keys with less worries of dropping or damaging these items! The back pocket shields the phone or other items from spills or exposure to materials that might affect the function of the device.

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Material used in the apron can be used for a matching oven mitt (ordered separately)! These products are conversation pieces!