GrubDudz Bandana, Size Medium

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Your pup will look quite stylish wearing a GrubDudz Bandana. Fabric with dog biscuits, dog-focused prints, or general food images are a fun fashion statement for the dogs. Collar Bandanas are more convenient and safer to use than the standard, tied bandanas. No worrying about tying it to tight, being able to pull it off his or her head…these issues won’t occur with our neckerchiefs! The bandana simply slips over and threads onto the band surface of the collar.

Switching the neckerchief is very easy – just remove the collar, select a different GrubDudz Bandana, slide it over the collar. Multiple sizes available:  Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large. Refer to the example provided in the product images. Sorry…the dog in the fabric photo block image is not included in your order!


Size Extra-Large Bandana measures approximately 13.0 inches across the top. *Note: These measurements may vary slightly per piece.


Choose the print you want for your dog from the following list (images of the prints appear below the main picture). Click on those pictures to see the print blocks:


  • Colorful Dogs
  • Dalmatians on Maroon Background
  • Dog Bones & Paw Prints on Pink Background
  • Dog Bones & Paw Prints on Blue Background
  • Dog Bones & Paw Prints on Silver and Black Background
  • Multicolored Dog Paw Prints on Black Background
  • Dog Terms on Tie-Dye Background
  • Dog Terms on Red Background
  • Dog Portraits
  • Dog Bones on Blue Background
  • Dog Treats and Hearts on Brown Background
  • Dog Treats on Black Background
  • Camouflage Bones
  • Hydrants, Bones, and Canines
  • Dog Paw Prints, Hearts, and Bones on Tan Background
  • Pups and Bones on Red Background
  • Dogs and Bones on Red Plaid Background
  • Cartoon Dogs and Phrases
  • Dogs on Dark Blue
  • Dog Bones & Hydrants on Black Background
  • Snoopy Plays Soccer on Tan Background
  • Snoopy & Pals on Light Blue Background
  • Fish Print Fabric
  • Bacon Print
  • Fried Chicken Print


 *Please call GrubDudz at 218-631-6352 if you would like to have a print showing a food print fabric noted on other products on our website.


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