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You love to cook (or know someone else that does), though it can be a mess if you have difficulty taking hot, heavy pans out of the oven. You fear that eventually, one of the pans will be dropped and create a big mess. Another worry is injuring or burning yourself or a family member if you lose your grip on the pan and try to adjust it so it does not fall. Hot food may splash or spill and drop onto someone's skin. What you want is more fun cooking and less mess and stress. There are enough stressful things in life without adding worries about the risk of spilling hot food and the injuries that may result.  


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  • GrubDudz “Bear-Hugger” Potholders have a mitt or pocket on each end of a strip of fabric with heat-resistant batting.
  • You can choose what type of food-print fabric for this item.
  • The heat-resistant batting (also in the mitt or pocket sections) protects your hands and body.
  • This potholder allows you to take a hot-dish or baking pan out of the oven without burning yourself.
  • A loop on one edge of the potholder so you can hang it up when it is not in use.

These potholders allow you to enjoy more fun cooking and have less stress as you will not have to worry about safely carrying the hot dish.

*Do not use the Bear-Hugger potholder in the microwave because the heat-guard insulation is not microwave safe.

The colorful food-prints make these accessories even more appropriate for kitchen use. No risk of losing them due to the “common-potholder appearance” effect when you are at a potluck! The unique appearance of any of these potholders makes them very easy to identify.

Order your GrubDudz "Bear-Hugger" Potholder today!

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