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You know the struggle all too well...once your toddler, grandchild, niece, or nephew is dressed and seated - ready to eat. Once the child starts eating food gets everywhere. There's no time for cleanup you have to get everyone ready to go and off to daycare, school, and work. Now there's a kid that needs to be cleaned, even more laundry to deal with, and less time to deal with the rest of your morning tasks. What you have is less fun, more stress. What you need is more fun and less mess! The typical toddler bib is too small or not quite what you want for your child or grandchild. *We now have free shipping!

  • Mealtime stressors can be intense with picky eaters. How fantastic would it be to be able to get your kid excited about nutrition?
  • Your toddler is starting to use spoons and forks, though fingers are still the preferred form of food access for the kid.
  • Food-related messes seem to be more complex and harder to clean up if you have less time available to take care of the issue.
  • GrubDudz bibs can be used as a teaching tool for food choices. You can talk to your child about the types of food items pictured on the bibs.
  • Material with prints showing the child's favorite foods may be able to be placed on the bibs.
  • Bibs have a hook and loop (Velcro) fastener, so you will not have to mess with ties.
  • Each bib is double-sided. Two bibs in one results in savings of time and less laundry.
  • The bibs can be lined with vinyl so that there is less chance of gloppy, wet, or greasy food seeping through.
  • Bibs can be made with one piece of fabric on each side or using multiple strips of food fabric sewn together.
  • Measurements: Toddler Small: 13.5-inches high x 10.0-inches wide; Toddler Medium: 14.0-inches high x 13.0-inches wide; Toddler Large: 15.0-inches high x 14.0-inches wide.

Save money and time and experience more fun, less stress, and less mess with our unique double-sided toddler bibs.

Order a GrubDudz Double-Sided Bib for your toddler today! Remember, more fun, less stress, less mess!

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