GrubDudz Button-Front Shirts

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Chest Circumference (measure around widest area of chest):
Inseam Measurement (distance from armpit to waist line):
Arm Circumference (measure distance around largest part of upper arm):
Waist Circumference:

Think back on the days where you stand in front of your closet…trying to make up your mind regarding what to wear that day. Then consider opening the door of your closet, viewing the crisp, colorful, foodie themed GrubDuds Button-Front Shirt you recently purchased. – You grab the shirt and state, “Problem Solved!”  A smile appears on your face as you dress in the entertaining food-fest shirt!

The day moves on, and you find that the shirt is a natural conversation starter. Friends, family, and co-workers comment on how it has many of your favorite foods. Some of the people made comments such as, “It’s like the shirt was made just for you!” Many people observed the food-themed buttons - one of your favorite things about the clothing.

Every shirt is different, so there’s no reason to worry about showing up in the same outfit! You can choose the types of fruits, vegetables, sweets, or other kinds of food prints used for the shirt. Creative combinations of print types are options as well - Some, though not all, include:

    The Make Everything O-kale Shirt – Featuring a kale print among other food fabric.
    “Bacon-And-Eggs” Shirt – Sewn with random strips of bacon, eggs, coffee, and related prints.
    “The BLT – Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato” Shirt – Made with bread, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and utensil prints.
    Burgers and Fries Shirt
    Fructose (Fruit Sugar) Fest – Shirt features all kinds of fruit prints.
    Anything from Soup-to-Nuts Scrub – Random prints featuring everything from soup to nuts!
    Dessert Dividends Shirt – This top features images of cakes, cookies, pies, ice cream, cupcakes, and more.
    Junk Food Jackpot Shirt - You guessed it, this Scrub contains random strips of junk food fabric prints!

Every shirt is different. Availability of prints may vary, though we can often obtain them within a short amount of time. Please include the following measurements with your order so you can get the best fit:

    Chest Circumference (measure around the upper chest
    Inseam (the space from the armpit to the hip)
    Arm Circumference (the distance around the upper arm)

These shirts are durable - I still wear the GrubDudz Scrubs that I created over five years ago, and they do not show any signs of wearing out!  Consider the cost distribution. If the price of the shirt is divided over the period of use of the clothing it is as if I spent $14/year (5 years x $14 = $70) - and the colors and prints still look bright and new!

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