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We work to express ourselves every day - with the way we talk about different topics and our points of view, what we do with our work and recreational activities, and with our clothing. You have likely had to wear some sort of uniform at least one time in your life. Sometimes dressing like those around you gives a sense of belonging or identification. While at other times, the standard clothing can make you feel as though you are blending into your surroundings. Sometimes you want more variation in your clothing - or even have the chance to design what you want to wear.

GrubDudz Button-Front Short-Sleeved Shirts are unique, colorful clothing items that allow you to express your favorite foods or liquids. Other interests, such as travel, can also be shown with some regional food-prints featuring foods from different regions of the world. If you are a foodie, we have the shirt for you! The New York Mindset Shirt has prints of foods associated with the state - pretzels, pizza, apples, bagels, and more. One fabric features images of hotdog stands, pretzels, coffee, as well as other highlights of the state (a drawing of the Statue of Liberty, skyscrapers, taxis, and the Empire State Building).

Other features of the shirts:

- Free Shipping!

- You can choose the 3-Print Option if you want a shirt that is not quite as busy. If you select this option, one print from each food category you choose will be used in the shirt. The buttons will be made following the same food categories chosen for the shirt.

- The shirts are made to fit you, based on measurements you provide.

- The buttons are handmade from polymer clay. The clay is sculpted into food shapes, baked to make it solid, and then glazed.

- The shirts are durable and will last much longer than the standard commercial shirt.


Shirt Options:

  •     “Bacon-And-Eggs” Shirt – Sewn with random strips of bacon, eggs, coffee, and related prints.
  •     Burgers and Fries Shirt
  •     Vegetarian Button-Front Shirt - an assortment of veggie prints are featured on this top.
  •     Fructose (Fruit Sugar) Fest – Shirt features all kinds of fruit prints.
  •     Anything from Soup-to-Nuts Button-Front Shirt – Random prints featuring everything from soup to nuts!
  •     Dessert Dividends Shirt – This top features images of cakes, cookies, pies, ice cream, cupcakes, and more.
  •     New York Mindset Shirt - You guessed it, the Scrub has random strips of foods associated with New York.

Every shirt is different.

Availability of prints may vary, though we can often obtain them within a short amount of time. Please include the following measurements with your order so you can get the best fit:

    Chest Circumference (measure around the upper chest
    Inseam (the space from the armpit to the hip)
    Arm Circumference (the distance around the upper arm)




  • Extra-Small (30-32 inches chest, 31-32.5 inches at the hips)
  • Small (34-36 inches chest, 35-37 inches at the hips)
  • Medium (38-40 inches chest, 39-41 inches at the hips)
  • Large (42-44 inches chest, 43-45 inches at the hips)
  • Extra-Large (46-48 inches chest, 47-49 inches at the hips)

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