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Imagine preparing for a special dinner, a party, grilling, or a gathering of friends that includes a meal you have to make. You get all of the ingredients and your cooking equipment ready. Prior to starting cooking you think about using a band or scrunchy to control your hair. You don't use hairnets and do not want to wear a heavy cap or hat in a hot kitchen. Or, you may be a person who just likes to wear the official gear that matches a particular activity. It is hard to avoid smiling while wearing one of our Chef Hats.

  • Images of your favorite foods can be used!
  • Free Shipping for orders over $25.00.
  • This is the perfect gift for the foodie in your life.
  • This stylish cooking attire is colorful and may make your even more hungry when you view the detailed food images.
  • The Chef’s Hat is the perfect accent to the GrubDudz Apron (ordered separately) made with some of the same prints!
  • Ordering for Grilling?...The Chef’s Hat can be made using fabric containing images of grilling equipment, utensils, and grilled food!
  • Ordering for someone with a Sweet Tooth? Imagine how perfect a gift the GrubDudz Chef’s Hat with cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or candy would be for that person!

Imagine your friend’s or family member’s smile as they step up to the stove wearing their colorful Chef’s Hat. This unique cooking apparel will certainly provide amusement and a conversation topic for the cook, family members, and friends.


Extra-Small (15 to 19-inches head circumference)

Small (17 to 21-inches)

Medium (19 to 23-inches)

Large (22 to 25-inches)

Extra-Large (25 to 27-inch head circumference)


   *The head circumference (distance around the head) needs to be measured so that the right hat size is ordered.


Using a GrubDudz Chef’s Hat would create a unique approach to the meal prep and would certainly be a conversation piece!

Order your GrubDudz Chef's Hat today!

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