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You and your family are scheduled to go to a school or public event right after dinner. The work-day ran late and you scramble to get dinner on the table and have everyone ready to leave in a timely manner. Just when you thought everyone and everything was on track - your child spills his or her food all over their chest and lap. After everyone finishes eating you deal with more frustration getting the child into clean clothes and adding more clothing to the "Mount Everest" of laundry in your home. What you want is more fun, less mess, and less stress!

You have not been able to interest your child in wearing or using an bib in the past - even in restaurants. What if they could choose their bib design? With our food-prints you could even call it an apron rather than a bib and that may be more acceptable for the child. Just as with many other projects and choices, if your child has input or involvement with it, they will be more likely to use the item. If your son's or daughter's favorite food is grilled cheese - we've got you covered with a bib containing grilled cheese, among your child's other favorite food print categories. The bib can be made with a vinyl or spill/stain blocking surface on the back if you constantly battle clothing stains from spilled foods.

Medium Child Bib: 15.50-inches Long x 13.50-inches Wide

Child Bib - Large: 18.50-inches Long x 16.50-inches Wide

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*If you choose the vinyl spill or stain-blocking surface for one side of the bib, this will be used for side 2 of the item. Side 1 will have prints from your two both print choices.

Call us at 218-631-6352 if you have questions or need an adjustment in the bib size.


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