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Your child, grandchild, niece, or nephew loves to help in the kitchen, though you are stressed by the additional mess and laundry with each baking or cooking adventure. The last time you baked cookies it was unclear if more flour ended up in the cookies or on the child or toddler or their surroundings. Eggs and liquids can be a challenge, though you realize how much the kids like helping - and enjoy it even more if it involves creating something in the kitchen. The ability to spend more time with the kids, enjoying a positive activity, is very important to you. What you want and need is More Fun, Less Mess.

Let your kids help in the kitchen with less worry about the mixing and mess! Your child, grandchild, niece, or nephew will love to help in the kitchen while wearing their GrubDudz Child-Sized Apron made from colorful food-print fabric, Food-related Cartoon-prints, or images of their favorite foods. Pictures of the theme or the print choices are shown in the pattern or print options section above. Aprons in your order will be made with similar strips of materials from that food group. Prints may differ due to availability.

Key Points:

  • Free Shipping for all orders over $25.00!
  • Think of the gains children and toddlers make in motor skills with pouring, scooping, stirring, and measuring.
  • Kids also get some basic math skills (counting, adding, subtracting, and dividing) when working with cooking and recipes.
  • Recall your last experience baking or cooking, counting, measuring and pouring ingredients with your children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews. You are likely smiling while you review that memory and all of you enjoyed the activity (especially the end-results)!
  • We even make Doll-Sized Aprons that will match the child's or toddler's apron if they have a doll that is a constant companion and goes everywhere with them! Doll Aprons are made for an 18-inch Doll.
  • All pockets are functional - even with the Doll Apron.
  • Please call us at 218-631-6352 if you need a Doll, Toddler, or Child Apron that is different than the measurements provided below.


Doll Apron: GrubDudz Doll Apron is 8.50-inches long x 7.50-inches wide.

Toddler Apron: GrubDudz Toddler Apron is 16-inches long x 13.5-inches wide.

Child Apron: GrubDudz Child Apron is 20-inches long x 17.5-inches wide.

Remember: More fun, less mess! Just click the button on the type of food-prints you want on the apron (you can choose three print categories). Order a GrubDudz Child, Toddler, or Doll Apron for your child, grandchild, family member, or friend today!


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