Button-Front Shirts

Think back on the days where you stand in front of your closet…trying to make up your mind regarding what to wear that day. Then consider opening the door of your closet, viewing the crisp, colorful, foodie themed GrubDuds Button-Front Shirt you recently purchased. – You grab the shirt and state, “Problem Solved!”  A smile appears on your face as you dress in the entertaining food-fest shirt!

The day moves on and you find that the shirt is an easy conversation starter. Friends, family, and co-workers comment on how it has many of your favorite foods. Some of the people who commented made statements such as, “It’s like the shirt was made just for you!” The food-themed buttons were noted by many people and that’s one of your favorite things about the clothing.

Every shirt is different, so there’s no reason to worry about showing up in the same outfit! You can choose the types of fruits, vegetables, sweets, or other type of food print used for the shirt. Creative combinations of print types are options as well…Some (though not all) include:

Every shirt is different. Availability of prints may vary, though we can often obtain them within a short amount of time. For the best fit, the following Measurements are required:

These shirts are made to last - I regularly wear my GrubDudz Shirts that I made over 5 years ago and they do not show signs of wear!

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