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You have spent hours, possibly days, trying to think of the perfect gift for that friend or family member who is tough to shop for - they have multiple interests, do not need additional books or art supplies, music, and nothing else comes to mind. This person is a foodie and has several food favorites. He or she has some crafting skills. Maybe you are shopping for your child, grandchild, niece, or nephew. You know their favorite foods, though you want to avoid getting a gift card because they do not seem personal enough.

GrubDudz Comfort-Food Teddy Bears are a wild gift for a food-lover! This bear will be one of a kind. Imagine making a Snack-Bear, Fast food Bear, Fruit/Veggie Bear with your child! What a great gift for a grandchild, niece, or nephew…especially if the two of you work on making the bear together! We can also make a kit for a “Gluten-Free-Food Print Bear”! The Comfort-Food Teddy Bear Kit comes with a complete set of instructions, thread, needles (sent in a safety container), buttons for the eyes, stuffing for the bear, and information on the bear's contents. Each bear part is a section of food-print fabric that is fused to canvas to make the bear hold up with the added attention and activity the bear will receive through the coming years.

What a good present for your young adult who is leaving for college – a bear with their favorite food items pictured on its surface.

  • Free Shipping for orders over $25.00!
  • Great gifts for individuals in your life with favorite foods and love of teddy bears.
  • Provides amusement and a soft buddy they can snuggle.
  • The GrubDudz Comfort Food Bear can include their favorite food prints.
  • Choose from three food-fabric print groups when placing the order. Prints in the kit may differ from those pictured in the examples, due to image sizes, though they will still follow the chosen theme.
  • The food-print fabric has a canvas backing which makes the bear more durable for a more significant duration of enjoyment!
  • Bears measure 14 inches in length.
  • Bears will have button-eyes, so this item is not appropriate for children under 4-years of age.

Kit includes:

  1. Bear body pieces used to assemble the bear.
  2. Canvas lining pieces that are already fused to the previously cut bear parts to make the bear stronger and able to endure more cuddling or display time.
  3. Buttons (for the eyes).
  4. Thick cord for application of the head, arms, and legs
  5. A long needle to use with the cord to attach the head, arms, and legs.
  6. A plastic thimble for hand-sewing.
  7. Thread for sewing the bear.
  8. Fiberfill Stuffing
  9. Based on the persons sewing skill-level, the bear can be sewn by hand or using a machine (aside from the eyes and attaching the head and limbs).
  10. Assembly instructions.

Order your GrubDudz Comfort-Food Bear Kit today!

Please allow 10-days for processing.

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