GrubDudz Dog Bandana

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You know how great the dog looks when he or she is picked up at the groomers. You want to be able to make look like that for a special family or holiday event, though you wonder what is the best way to handle this issue. The dog does not need to be groomed again right now. You also worry about the ties on some bandanas as your dog has chewed them or removed them in the past.

You have replaced so many lost bandanas in the past. After thinking about this for a bit, you decide you want something that looks good, is easy to apply, fits well, and will not be easily removed by the dog. The goal is to save money and time - reduce costs of bandana replacement and time searching for those your dog has chewed or scratched off.

Collar-Threading Dog Bandanas are safer for the dog as they cannot get hung up on things as easily as tied bandanas. Each bandana has a sleeve through the top that you slide your dog's collar through. An additional area of savings comes with the stylish dog neckwear - Choose a different print for each side and you have two bandanas for the price of one!

Switching the neckerchief is very easy – just remove the collar, slide the bandana off, turn it over and slide it back onto the collar. Multiple sizes available:  Extra-Small ($4.00), Small ($5.00), Medium ($6.00), Large ($7.00), Extra-Large ($8.00), and Extra-Extra-Large ($9.00). Sizing information will be described in the order process. 


- Please call GrubDudz at 218-631-6352 if you would like to have a print showing a food print fabric (bacon, chicken, or other foods) noted on other products on our website.


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