GrubDudz Grill 'n Grub Apron

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GrubDudz Grill 'n Grub Apron is created by sewing strips of fabric prints featuring grilling tools and grilled foods together. This panel of grilling prints is used for the body of the apron. Your GrubDudz Grill 'n Grub Apron may contain a different assortment of fabric due to print availability.

All GrubDudz Aprons have a secret drawstring pocket, made from fabrics similar to the prints shown on the apron front. This pocket is secured behind the right waist-tie. This allows you to safe keeping of your cellphone, keys, money, or other small objects. The draw-string pocket structure protects stored items, yet also allows easy access while cooking. The apron back is a plain cotton material.

If you have a specific print or food item you would like to include in your order just enter it in the "Comments or Questions" Section at the base of your order. Order your GrubDudz Grill 'n Grub Themed Apron today!

This is a home made item - please allow 10-14 days for order processing.