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Feeding your infant while he or she wears one of those incredibly small infant bibs makes you realize that a bib that small is just a clothing accessory...it's there primarily for decoration. Many infant bibs do not cover the chest and belly area of your little one. Once the baby starts taking in food and spits up, the episode can feel like you are watching a volcano erupt! Milk, formula, or the limited solid foods go everywhere - including all over your clothing (just missing the spit-up cloth you had ready)! You dash to clean yourself and the baby and think that it would be great to have bibs that are colorful, large enough to fit your infant, and have a better spill-guard. What you want is more fun, less mess - but how do you reach that goal?

Wouldn't it be great to be able to get a bib with a vinyl backing so that it protected your infant's clothing from spills, spit-up, and stains? Most marketed bibs do not have this option. More fun and less mess is great to work toward, but a better goal is to experience more fun, less mess, and less expense! Our two-sided infant bibs come in fun, food-themed prints and can be made with a vinyl layer on one side to keep food and liquids from reaching your baby's clothing. That leads to less laundry, less time needed to change your or the infant's clothing, and more time to enjoy your baby. These colorful items can be used for doll bibs once they no longer fit your child.

  • Choose your bib print theme (the type of fabric you want on the surface(s).
  • Select the vinyl surface if you want this on the bib.
  • The bibs are reversible, so you can choose the side you want to use each time - you get two bibs in one!
  • Enjoy more fun, less mess, and less expense.
  • Multiple sizes available: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large Infant or Doll Bibs.

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