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Plastic bags do not hold up well enough - they tear easily and then your orange or apple is rolling across the floor as you run after the wandering produce. Your lunch tote that you bought from a local store last year started to break within three months of the purchase. How many times has someone in your family forgotten to bring their lunch bag home from work or school? The answer may equal the number of times you have had to replace a cheap bucket or bag because it fell apart long before it should have. Many lunch bags currently available are too small to carry much more than a sandwich and half of an apple. You want a lunch bag that has the structure that meets your needs for food storage.

GrubDudz lunch bags are made to last many years. These bags, given their bright colors and unique look, will be less likely to be forgotten at work or school. They are available in two sizes, though larger or smaller bags can be requested by placing a special order. Each bag is different, so it will be easy to tell which bag is yours.


  • Colorful appearance
  • Can be made with fabric prints showing the favorite foods of the person using the bag.
  • Each bag has special insulating lining so that food can be kept warm or cold.
  • An internal pocket on the inside to store an ice pack or to tote food or eating utensils (spoon, fork, knife not included with the order).
  • Each bag has an elastic bottle-holder so that the water or other liquid will not roll around and squash your sandwich or other food.
  • Regular Bags measure 8.0-inches Long x 3.50-inches Wide x 9.00-inches High.
  • Large Bags measure 8.0-inches Long x 5.25-inches Wide x 11.5-inches High.

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