GrubDudz Microwave Bowl Potholder - Large

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The GrubDudz Microwave Bowl Potholder - Large Size is big enough to provide lots of protection for your hands and fingers! The flaps and base of the potholder cradle your soup or serving bowl and allow you to remove it from the microwave without burning your fingers. You know how painful it is to try to take an extremely hot item out of the microwave with your bare hands. Trying to remove the bowl with a regular potholder typically results in spilling your food as you try to grasp the container.

This item measures 6.0 inches/flap and 5.0 inches in diameter at the base. Measurements may vary slightly based on the type of Insul-Brite used for insulation. Order your GrubDudz Microwave Bowl Potholder now!