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You have been in this spot before - juggling your plate while trying to avoid spilling your hot food and burning your hands or fingers with food or hot serving bowls as you remove your meal or snack from the microwave. You may have even tried to place a potholder underneath the plate prior to heating the food only to experience frustration trying to slide the dish out with the potholder. We understand this issue and can provide a way for you to have more fun and less mess! You can cradle your plate in the GrubDudz Microwave Plate Cozy and protect your hands and fingers from the heat. You can decide what colorful food-related print category you want featured on your plate cozy. 

  • Have more fun and less mess - stop juggling and spilling food. This also results in more time and less mess as you do not have to devote time and money to cleaning clothing and surfaces after spilling hot food.
  • Avoid burning your hands, fingers, and arms.
  • The colorful food-related prints are amusing and can be a topic of conversation with family or visitors.
  • The plate cozy can be used as a protective surface for your hands as you hold your bowl while obtaining your serving of food from the stove top or oven.
  • All of the plate cozies are different, so your GrubDudz Microwave Plate Cozy will be easy to identify.
  • This item is reversible - if you tire of looking at one side, just turn it over and use the other side.

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Small: 7.00-inches on each side.

Medium: 8.00-inches on each side.

Large: 11.50-inches on each side.

*GrubDudz Microwave Plate Cozies are 100 percent cotton. Measurements may vary slightly based on the type of cotton insulation material used. Order your GrubDudz Microwave Plate Cozy now!


Call GrubDudz at 218-631-6352 if you want a quote for multiple plate cozies and sizes or have any questions.


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