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Your niece is headed off to college soon and you want to get her a unique graduation gift that she can enjoy for many years. The goal is to select a gift that she will find useful and fun. Music and reading trends change so quickly with young people that you want to avoid that option. Gift cards are useful, though not very personal and you want her to think that you put more thought into her gift. Knowing that she will need bedding when she heads of to college, you look at options available in local stores. The products you see appear too dull or have cartoon prints on them.

What items do most college students like and tend to use as a major source of nutritional support while in college? Pizza, cookies, and burgers. GrubDudz can make two pillowcases with prints showing these and her other favorite foods. If you feel that the cases in the first photo are too busy, you can select the "Three Print Option" when you place your order. She likes many types of food, so you select the "Mix-'n-Match Category and the Three Print Option. Three different food prints from that category are used on each side of the two pillowcases. Your niece thinks the gift is great and is delighted that no-one else will have anything like that at school!

Features of GrubDudz Pillowcases:

  • Free Shipping!
  • Available in three sizes - Full, Queen, and King-Size.
  • Each case has a liner (makes it hold up with well with repeated use)
  • Unique - each pillowcase is different. The two cases can be made to match if balance of the pattern or design is important to the person using them.
  • Each order contains two pillowcases.
  • Fun gifts for children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, college-bound students. They even make great house-warming gift.


Prints used for the pillowcases may vary from those in the photos of the print categories due to availability of the materials.

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