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No-one thought about food stains or water marks on the table when you bought it years ago. The table has shown its wear over time and has several unwanted marks from the kids art projects, spilled foods, or heat damage. You want to be able to have the table look presentable, yet you do not want to have to deal with using a tablecloth all of the time. The table functions as a gathering spot for your family and you want them to be comfortable eating, talking, listening and learning there.

What you want is More Fun, Less Mess! GrubDudz Placemats are reversible, so an order of a set of four mats give you eight surface cover options for your table. Each side of the mat has strips of different food-prints that have been sewn together. Another great feature is that these can be used to help discuss basic healthy eating patterns with young children. Unusual fruits, vegetables, or main dishes on some of the fabric may spark deeper conversations about a variety of foods. The mats can also be used to play games with your kids while finishing cooking…just ask, “What is your favorite food of all of the things you see on your mat?”

Picky Kid Solution: A “multiple choice” placemat option may be just the solution your family needs! If you have kids that argue over which design or mat they get to use for the meal, having more choices may solve that problem.

  • Each placemat measures 16-inches Long x 13-inches Wide.
  • Choose three different Print Categories from the Swatch List. These types of fabric will be used for your placemats.
  • If you want all of them to have the same strips of fabric, just click "yes" for the Matching Prints or Set option.
  • Please allow 10 - 14 days for processing.

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