Grubdudz Placemat - Set of 4

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GrubDudz Placemats are unusual because you actually get two placemats in one! The fabric assortment varies on each side and this gives you two options for table cover preference. Ordering a set of four would give you 8 dining surface cover options as each one is composed of different food fabric prints. Random piecing or sewing of the fabric strips results in fun color and food images.

Imagine the fun your family and guests will have using the GrubDudz Placemats! Another great feature is that these can be used to discuss basic healthy eating patterns with young children. Unusual fruits, vegetables, or main dishes on some of the fabric may spark deeper conversations about nutrition. The mats can also be used to play games with your kids while finishing cooking…just ask, “What is your favorite food of all of the options you see on your mat?”

Picky Kid Solution: A “multiple choice” placemat option may be just the solution your family needs! If you have kids that argue over which design or mat they get to use for the meal, having more choices may solve that problem.

Each mat measures 16 in L x 13 W and has beautiful finished edges with decorative stitching. Edge surface stitch patterns include, though are not limited to, a vine and leaves, scalloped pattern, or a wavy line. Sewing options like these create a more durable product that will provide years of use to you and your family. And, remember - a set of 4 is actually a set of 8 as each side is different! Order your set GrubDudz Placemats today!

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