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Thinking of a quick side-dish for your next meal, you pop the potatoes or corn on the cob into the microwave. The food heats up and you begin to detect that scent of cooked corn or potato. The microwave beeps, signaling completion of cooking time, and you pop the door open. As you reach in and grab the plate, bowl, or food item you find that it is so hot that it burns your hand and fingers. Rinsing your hand only offers minimal relief. Think of how much worse this could have been if you forgot to puncture the potatoes and they exploded.

GrubDudz Potato, Corn, or Tortilla Warmers will help you avoid those issues cooking your potatoes, corn, and other items in this microwave-safe insulated cloth bag. The bag has fun food-prints on the outside surface. All fabric, including the lining, batting (insulation), and thread is 100 percent cotton. The batting allows for an insulation effect and makes a steamer for the starches, veggies, or other foods. The cotton makes it safe to use these items in the microwave. Perfect for microwave cooking baked potatoes or corn on the cob

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Other uses include:

  • Heating dinner rolls
  • Warming Tortillas
  • Cooking carrots, cauliflower, or broccoli.
  • This bag eliminates the need to poke or puncture the potato prior to cooking it in the microwave!
  • Makes a perfect Housewarming Gift!
  • Great Holiday Gifts!

This item can be washed in cold water with like-colors. Tumble Dry with drier on Regular Setting. Wash after each use.

GrubDudz Potato or Corn Warmer Bags measure 9.0-Long x 9.0 in-Wide.

GrubDudz Tortilla Warmers are available in a 9-inch or an 11-inch diameter.

  • Please allow 7-days for processing.

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