GrubDudz Potholder with Pocket

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GrubDudz Square Potholder with Pocket contains a side-pocket on the body of the potholder surface. Choose a theme from those listed in the "Fabric Patterns" Section on the homepage menu bar.  You can request other food options if you don't see the theme you want. Print availability may vary slightly, though we will make every effort to get a fabric print of the food item you want.

The side-pocket is the only difference between this potholder and the Regular Potholder (pocket-less). They are available in the standard square or with rounded edges. You can slip your fingers into the pocket and stretch your palm and thumb across the body of the potholder. This will allow you to grasp pots, pans, and baking trays easier! Insul-Brite is used as the batting or heat resistant padding in this potholder.

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