GrubDudz Scrub Shirt

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Chest Circumference:
Inseam measure (arm-pit to waist):
Arm Circumference (around upper arm):
Waist Circumference:


Picture yourself, a friend, or family member in one of our unique GrubDudz Scrub Shirts. The bright colors may lift their mood when this shirt is worn. Realistic food prints are so vibrant and often become a topic of conversation. These scrub tops are fun to wear even if you don’t work in the healthcare field. You can choose the types of fruits, vegetables, or other type of food print used for the shirt.


Creative combinations of print types are options as well…Some (though not all) include:


  • “Bacon-And-Eggs” Shirt – Sewn with random strips of bacon, eggs, coffee, and related prints.
  • “The BLT – Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato” Shirt – Made with bread, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and utensil prints.
  • Burgers and Fries Shirt
  • Vegetarian Scrub
  • Fructose (Fruit Sugar) Fest – Shirt features all kinds of fruit prints.
  • Anything from Soup-to-Nuts Scrub – Random prints featuring everything from soup to nuts!
  • Dessert Dividends Shirt – This top features images of cakes, cookies, pies, ice cream, cupcakes, and more.
  • Junk Food Jackpot Shirt…You guessed it – the Scrub is made with random strips of junk food fabric prints!


Availability of prints may vary, though we can often obtain them within a short amount of time. For the best fit, the following Measurements are required


  • Chest Circumference (distance around the upper or thickest part of the chest)
  • Inseam (the space from the armpit to the hip)
  • Arm Circumference (distance around the upper arm)

GrubDudz Scrub Shirts contain vivid images of fruits, vegetables, and other foods. They make great pajamas. Working in healthcare? - GrubDudz Scrubs will help liven your day with the colorful, pleasant images. Have one made with prints from your favorite theme or selection of foods. These shirts are made to last...I still wear my GrubDudz Scrubs that I made over 5 years ago and they do not show any signs of wearing out!

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