GrubDudz Sweets 'n Treats Potholder

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The GrubDudz Sweets 'n Treats Regular or Square Potholders have strips of various candy and baked goods print fabric sewn together. Potholders contain 2 layers of Insul-Brite Thermal Batting, or a heat insulation product, and a straight or decorative edge stitch. The double layer of the insulating batting creates more protection for your hands. These potholders should not be used in the microwave because the heat-guard batting contains a metallic film (mixed in by the manufacturer to provide greater protection from the heat).

These regular or square potholders are durable. This cooking accessory is light-weight and easy to use. Measurements: 8.0 in. x 8.0 in. Size of potholders may differ slightly from listed measurement depending on the use of different forms of Insul-Brite for insulation.

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