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It's the middle of a tough winter and you dread going out in the cold weather. The freezing temps give you chills just thinking about them. Some kids are playing - tossing snowballs at each other as you walk down the street. They are having a lot of fun. Enjoying your walk, you think about the activities you want to do while you are outside. It is at that point that you narrowly miss being hit by a snowball. The close brush with the snowball's path of travel makes you more aware of how freezing your ears are and how cold your head feels.

One of the worst winter struggles is getting stuck out in the snow and cold while being under-dressed, either without a hat or with one that does not keep you warm. The GrubDudz Toboggan Hat provides plenty of protection from the cold and snow. Each hat is made with two layers of fleece to add the extra warmth and protection from heat loss while outside. You can picture yourself having great fun while skiing or sledding as the tail of the toboggan hat trails behind you in the wind!

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  • Toddler (18-inches around the base)
  • Child-Medium (19-inches around the base)
  • Child-Large (20-inches around the base)
  • Adult/Teen-Small (21-inches around the base)
  • Adult/Teen-Medium (22-inches around the base)
  • Adult/Teen-Large (23-inches around the base)
  • Adult/Teen-Extra Large (24-inches around the base)

*These hats will stretch some, though they do not get distorted.

Please pick the type of fleece you want from the Fleece Options Swatch Photos above.

Names of the fleece options are:

  • "I Love to Avocuddle"
  • Cupcakes on Blue Background
  • Doughnuts
  • Fish on Blue Background
  • Fruits on Pink Background
  • Milk & Cookies
  • Blue & Green Pineapples on White Background
  • Strawberries on Dark Blue Background
  • VeggieTales on Blue Background
  • Veggie Tales Fleece with Dark Blue Background
  • Coffee/Cappuccino Print Fleece
  • Strawberries on Medium-Blue Background
  • Moose on White Fleece Background


Click on the swatch of the color/type of fleece print when you place your order.

Hurry!...Keep your ears and head warm this winter! Order your GrubDudz Toboggan Hat today!

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