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Heading into your home with the food from the store, you notice sagging of the single-use plastic bag the items were placed in at the store. The sack breaks before you get to the kitchen and you scramble to round up your food and other things. You have looked at and even tried some of the multi-use bags from stores, though several of them developed holes within six or eight months. What you want and need is a bag that is tough and will hold up to repeated use. Your main focus is the bag function and durability.

What you want is more fun, less mess - GrubDudz can take care of this for you. Our colorful, food-themed tote bags are fun to use and brighten the day of you and other people. There is less mess with these bags because you will not have to chase after your food or clean up liquids that spill when the single-use bags break. GrubDudz Tote Bags can be made with a piece of fabric, canvas, or vinyl lining. Fabric lining makes the tote a little lighter than with the other options. teCanvas is thicker and a bit heavier than the plain fabric. Vinyl is heavier than the canvas and will provide some insulation to help keep cold items cool while you are on the way back to your house. The bags are sturdy and hold up well over repeated uses.

Choose the types of prints for your bag from the fabric swatch lists. You can choose three different print groups. The fabric in your tote will be in the same class as your choices, though it may show different images of food due to changes in the available material. Bags measure 12-inches Long x 7.5-inches Wide x 16.0 inches High.

    Each bag is different.
    Reduce your use of plastic, helping animals and the environment, by using our great bags.

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*Note: A design change, made after the bag photos were obtained, resulted in the ability to carry heavier products due to using bag straps that are 2-inches wide.


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