GrubDudz Tote Bag

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Totes are sewn with a canvas liner to make them more durable. You can choose a bag with a random assortment of prints or contact us with a request for special items. Totes such as these can help you feel better about reducing use of plastic, reusing the bag (a form of recycling). Bag straps are made with reinforced stitching during their attachment so they will hold up to wear. You won’t have any confusion regarding which bag is yours! GrubDudz Tote Bags measure 10.5 in. L x 7.25 in. W x 14.0 in H.

Duffle bag totes are an option if you want a new way to take your workout gear to the gym. Bags such as these are fun to use during a brief trip! They are colorful, easy to see, and will not get mixed up with any other carry-on luggage. Duffle bag totes are only available through Special Order at this time. Contact us by phone at 218-631-6352 to discus order and bag size.

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