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While clearing out old emails and calendar reminders on your phone you notice a reminder about a friend's wedding. The event will take place in two weeks. You are looking forward to attending the event - it has been too long since your last visit. You do not want to show up without a gift for the couple, though you have no idea what to get for them. The gift should be unique, useful, and practical. The challenge is finding and obtaining the item in time for the wedding reception.

Though gift cards are an easy option, you do not think that they are personal enough. You do not want a generic gift. While searching online you notice numerous bland wine totes and several sturdy, though dull-appearing totes. We have the perfect tote for this occasion!

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Features of GrubDudz Wine Totes:

  • We sew wine-themed strips of fabric (prints with wine glasses, bottles, grapes, cheese, corks, and corkscrews) together and use these panels of the material to make the bags. Each tote is unique and features different prints.
  • Each Tote contains an internal band to tightly hold the wine bottle and separate it from glasses, cheese, crackers or other contents you choose to add to the bag.
  • Two side pockets that can be used to hold the corkscrew and utensils.
  • A special insulated liner (Insul-Brite) is added to each tote that helps keep wine and food protected from hot or cold weather.
  • Our totes make great gifts for weddings, retirement parties, birthdays, housewarming parties, or other occasions.
  • GrubDudz Wine Totes measure 6.0-inches Long x 3.50-inches Wide x 13.5-inches High.

Each GrubDudz Wine Tote is unique - you will not have any difficulty identifying which bag is yours!

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    Please allow 10-days for processing this handmade item constructed to meet your gift-giving needs.

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