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This routine is all too familiar to you - rushing off to a meeting or your child's school event on a cold and windy winter evening. It is quite chilly out and you begin to wish that you had a hat that provides better warmth and protects you from the cold. At that point, you think about all of the times you argued with your kids to wear a hat when it is cold out. They have a regular pattern of refusing to wear, losing, or misplacing hats. If only there were some way that your kids could actively take part in selecting and buying the hat. That is an even better process if the hat they select will be easy to keep track of - if it has some feature that makes it less likely to be lost, forgotten, or misplaced.

What you want is: More Fun, Less Stress. GrubDudz Fleece Hats are made to order and you or your child can pick the type of fleece for the product! Bright colors and unique food-print fleece that we use will make the hat easier to remember as the child or teen will not want to lose their great hat. Your family will note the high quality of our products as we use two layers of fleece for each hat and these items are stitched and tied so that they will last for years.
Hurry!...Enjoy More Fun and Less Stress - think of all of the money and time you will save by:

  • Being able find the hat right away because of the colors and design.
  • Not having any (or not as many) arguments about the hats, or
  • Not needing to shop for them again and again for many years.

Keep your or your kid's ears and head warm this winter! Order your GrubDudz Baked Goods Winter Wonder Adult/Teen Hat with Center-Gather today!

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  • Infant-Small (14-inches around the base)
  • Infant-Medium (15-inches around the base)
  • Infant-Large (16-inches around the base)
  • Infant-Extra-Large (17-inches around the base)
  • Toddler (18-inches around the base)
  • Child-Medium (19-inches around the base)
  • Child-Large (20-inches around the base)
  • Adult/Teen-Small (21-inches around the base)
  • Adult/Teen-Medium (22-inches around the base)
  • Adult/Teen-Large (23-inches around the base)
  • Adult/Teen-Extra Large (24-inches around the base)


*These hats will stretch a little and that is normal.


Choose your fleece print from the following options:


  • "I Love to Avocuddle" Fleece
  • Cupcakes on Blue Background
  • Doughnuts
  • Fish on Blue Background
  • Fruits on Pink Background
  • Milk & Cookies
  • Blue & Green Pineapples on White Background
  • Strawberries on Dark Blue Background
  • Green and Blue Pineapples on White Background
  • Strawberries on a Medium Blue Background
  • Veggie Tales Fleece with Dark Blue Background
  • Coffee/Cappuccino Print
  • Fruit and Flowers on Pink Background
  • Moose on White Background


*Choose the type of fleece from the small swatch cubes while you place your order.

Hurry!...Keep your ears and head warm this winter! Order your GrubDudz Winter Wonder Fleece Hat with Center Gather today!

Please call us at 218-631-6352 if you have any questions.

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