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It has been years since you made snow angels or built snow people. With the recent cold weather, these seem to be the perfect activities for you and your family. Everyone gets their winter gear on and walks outside. As each of you starts working on the snow people and angels, it is clear that children grow - and yours have grown out of their winter hats. The caps or hats that are still functional are not the right style, color, or form for the next child to use as hand-me-downs. When you start to make a snow angel you realize that your hat is wearing thin, creating a startling intrusion of snow onto your scalp and hair. This issue is irritating because you just bought these hats within the last two years.

You try not to be bothered by the hat issue, though it is difficult to avoid thinking about how they did not hold up well over time. What you want is: More Fun, Less Stress. GrubDudz Fleece Hats are made to order and you or your child can pick the type of fleece for the product! Bright colors and unique food-print fleece we use will make the hat easier to remember - the child or teen will not want to lose their great hat. Your family will note the high quality of our products as we use two layers of fleece for each hat, resulting in a very warm hat that is stitched and tied so that they will last for years.
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Hurry!...Enjoy More Fun and Less Stress - think of the money and time you will save by:

  • Being able find the hat right away because of the colors and design.
  • Not having any (or not as many) arguments about the need to wear hats in cold weather, and
  • Not needing to shop for hats again and again for many years.

Hurry - Keep your ears and head warm this winter! Order your GrubDudz Winter Wonder Adult/Teen Hat with Center-Tied Row today!


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