GrubDudz Winter Wonder Scarf

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GrubDudz Scarves are colorful and warm. The double layer of fleece provides extra warmth for your head and neck when worn in the cold winter weather. We have many choices of food-print fleece! Type the name of the fleece print you would like to use for your order in the "Order Comments" section.

Fleece options include:

  • "Avocuddle"
  • Cupcakes on Blue Background
  • Doughnuts
  • Fish on Blue Background
  • Fruits on Pink Background
  • Milk & Cookies
  • Blue & Green Pineapples on White Background
  • Strawberries on Dark Blue Background
  • Yellow and Orange Pineapples on Pink Background
  • VeggieTales on Blue Background
  • Veggie Tales Fleece with Dark Blue Background
  • Coffee/Cappuccino Fleece Print


Type the color and design of fleece print you want used scarf (select from the list above) when you place your order.

Hurry!...Keep your ears, face, and neck warm this winter! Order your GrubDudz Winter Wonder Scarf today!