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GrubDudz Ice Cream Cone Earrings are colorful and realistic images that look as though they are ready to be eaten. You can imagine the tasty flavors of the ice cream and the crunchy cone. These appetizing polymer clay earrings are the perfect accent to your summer clothing. Earrings can be ordered with chocolate ice cream, vanilla, strawberry, mint chip, strawberry ripple, fudge ripple, vanilla with chocolate chip, or chocolate-chocolate chip. What a great gift these would make for an ice cream lover or someone working in the food service industry. Wearing these may make people around you crave ice cream. Product is made-to-order and can be shipped within 7 days from time of purchase.

Please state the type of ice cream that you want the earrings to show when you place your order. Though they cannot be eaten, two great advantages of these ice cream cones is that they are calorie-free and will not melt!

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