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3-D Freezer Label Choices *

As you open the freezer, you realize that some of the food labels on items wrapped with freezer paper are gone. The food is still good and is safe to eat, you just don't want to think about how to fix "Mystery Meat". You look at three or four freezer paper packages of food to see if you can determine what they are and when they were packaged. Was it in hunting season and the family processed so much meat that one or two packets may have missed getting a label? Is it some leftovers? Was it something you bought at the meat market or butcher's shop?

You can continue to have struggles with labeling the food packets and containers resulting in the occasional episode of thawing taco meat that you thought was spaghetti sauce. Or, you can order our labels and avoid the frozen food mystery.

Our 3-D Freezer Labels can end the "Unknown Food Mystery"! The labels are sculpted out of polymer clay and then baked to make them solid. Button holes in the sculpted food items are used to attach them to a heavy elastic band. This allows the label to be used for a long period on a variety of food package sizes (even around plastic containers). The elastic band is stretched around the package of food and you place the item in the freezer. Each label has a sculpted letter with it so that the item is even easier to identify. An example of this is a label for "Beef" will have a letter "B" and a sculpted bull or cow. The chicken label will have a "C" and a chicken leg sewn onto the elastic band.

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  • Great for use by people with reduced vision - these labels can be identified by touch and allow more independence for people with blindness or severe vision limitations.
  • They can be made for many different food types - meats, breads, ice cream, cake, pie, cookies, fruits, vegetables, or pasta dishes.
  • The polymer clay holds up well with the repeated freezing.
  • Labels can be made in sets of four and they do not have to match or be in the same category (all four labels as meats, all four as veggies, or all desserts) unless you want them to be made in only one food type.

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