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GrubDudz Pizza Earrings are an amusing and realistic clothing accessory. Our pizza earrings make the perfect gift for the high school or college student, foodie in your life, or for individuals working in the food service industry. Colorful, mouthwatering toppings - meat, cheeses, and veggies are scattered over the polymer clay pizza surface just as they would appear on one ordered from your favorite pizza place. You can see the cheese melted over the pizza sauce, the meats or other toppings nestled into the cheese.

GrubDudz Pizza Earrings look so tasty that you may make those around you hungry for a gooey, melted cheese, perfectly cooked slice of pizza. These slices can be made with a variety of toppings. Great to wear these when you go out to your favorite pizza parlor or if you work in the food service industry.Imagining the great taste of a real pizza with a similar appearance will be quite easy while wearing these earrings. Another great feature of these earrings is that, unlike the food product represented, they are calorie-free (however, they should not be eaten)! You may make other people hungry for this grub while wearing these wonderful earrings. Each earring is individually sculpted from a variety of colors of polymer clay.

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