You have to go to a friend's party and know what you want to wear to the event. Even though you have picked out your clothing there seems to be something missing from your outfit. As you look at earrings and necklaces your thoughts turn to the theme of the party. This gathering will be centered around at least one sporting event. Plain earrings would work, except that they are, as the name reveals, "Plain". The goal is to wear something that makes a statement and may have a link to sports and foods or liquids a person might eat or drink while watching athletes.

Food-shaped earrings can provide a fun fashion item and will be different from any other earrings. Each set is handmade from polymer clay and baked in the oven to harden the pretzel. You can just about taste the crunchy and salty pretzel. The lightweight earrings make a fun, theme-based fashion statement. These earrings may help create some interesting conversations. GrubDudz provides an acceptable way to play with your food!

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