Sweets 'n Treats Large Lunch Bag

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GrubDudz Sweets ‘n Treats Lunch Bags provide a cheery, colorful, and mouthwatering method of transporting your meal to work or school. This bag will occasionally be an item of lunch-time discussion. The theme of the bag can be general Sweets ‘n Treats or Chocolate food print fabrics. Prints available include images of cakes, cookies, candies, pies, chocolate, ice cream, waffles, and muffins. The fabric is pieced together with the same approach used in quilt piecing. The lunch bag pieces are cut out after sections of different fabric are pieced together into a panel.

Each bag is different due to the varied widths and lengths of strips used to make the panel. These unique lunch bags make perfect gifts for students or someone starting a new job. Measures 8.0 inches Long x 5.25 inches Wide x 11.5 inches High. Bag is durable has an elastic band to hold a thermos or water bottle and a button-closure or Velcro (hook and loop) closure on the front. The bag can be lined with canvas or vinyl. The vinyl liner provides a bit more insulation and is leak-resistant. Size of bag may vary slightly based on the form of Insul-Brite used for the temp-control insulation.

You will never have trouble identifying which lunch bag is yours with the GrubDudz Sweets ‘n Treats Lunch Bag! Order yours today!


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